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Artrageous: Igniting Expression

Every time a child walks into an arts workshop or classroom there is the possibility that she or he will have a powerful learning experience. At Artrageous we strive to make this happen by following the most important precept we know: TO MOVE AT THE SPEED OF CREATIVITY.

In order to do this we focus on student engagement, exploration, ownership, and most importantly, FUN. When our students are engaged they are happy and learning and we are too!

Our classes provide a space for all children to explore at their own pace; chaotic or careful, gingerly or with gusto, tiptoeing or tromping. Our aim is to draw out their creativity, not stuff things in!

We provide a range of tools and mediums designed to foster your child’s interests, to affirm who they are, how they like to see the world, and to stimulate their passion for learning and for life. We use an almost unlimited series of media including paint, clay, printmaking, construction, deconstructing, casting and science.

At Artrageous, art is for everybody. With this approach we embrace each child for who they are, working with their personality to promote exploration and self-esteem. We provide a stimulating atmosphere that is safe, supports creative risk-taking and invites self-discovery. COME AND PLAY!