In-School Programme


We are very excited about the new Ministry of Education initiative called ‘Creatives in Schools’. At present, they are encouraging joint proposals from schools/kura and creative practitioners. We have 8 years experience in catering creative in school programmes and would love to hear from you if you are interested in discussing what we can do for you. Please send us an email at so we can arrange a time to meet up.

What is unique about Artrageous?

Artrageous Kids encourages and supports children to explore ideas and create art that is driven by their own interests and that is meaningful to them as individuals.

We provide a rich and varied playful environment in which children can lead the direction of their creativity and discover new things at their own pace.

We focus on the process of creation rather than on the outcome, which means there is no such thing as failure – this means that children can experiment and try new things in an environment that is free of any preconceptions about art and creativity.

The Artrageous programme

We provide a wide range of activities and tailor make programmes to fit within the enquiry topics of your school. For example:

  • Kinetic art construction/deconstruction
  • Print makingSurrealism
  • Marbling
  • Photography
  • Portraiture/face casting
  • Paper making
  • Abstract expressionism
  • Space art
  • Cave painting, making your own paint.

Outcomes for children

  • Promoting self esteem and confidence
  • Skills and techniques
  • Co-operative learnin
  • Expansion of vocabulary
  • Development of social emotional & cognitive skills
  • Being and thinking creatively
  • Outcomes for schools
  • Professional development and team building
  • New ways to extend children
  • Confidence to provide art & creativity in a sustainable way
  • Stimulated children
  • Fun

Outcomes for the wider school community

  • Parent involvement leads to stronger community interest and support
  • Snowballing creativity
  • Happy engaged children

Our specialist school package can provide:

  • an innovative exciting art and creativity programme developed uniquely for your school
  • informative professional development workshop for teachers showing how the sessions work, exploring activities to spark the creativity of the staff. Highlighting that you don’t need to be an artist or even good at art to be able to support and encourage children to have opportunities to create art and think creatively
  • two Artrageous Kids creativity specialists
  • a lesson plan which includes a breakdown of activities showing how the programme will fit into the curriculum
  • all materials
  • setup and pack down and clean up
  • an information sheet for parents/guardians


“The art ideas and techniques taught were really cool e.g. kinetic art, photography, print making.”
”The positivity, creativity and artistic skills that are being taught are hugely valuable. The children became more confident and proud of their efforts. The idea of trying and there being no right and wrong is transferrable. Well worth every dollar. A great chance for the teacher to learn and be with the class as one of them, children who don’t usually say much chatted in the informal environment, opening up a side of the character previously unseen by teacher. Our classrooms are enhanced with the art work. The children were so proud of their contributions for the school wide art show. Parents have been positive in their comments when children have shown them their work on the walls. The facilitators are lovely friendly positive people to work with. Certainly a no hassle art session for teachers to be involved in.”
Kay Mudge, (Kilbirnie School)
“Children were encouraged to express themselves and be free to create their art pieces.” Houghton Valley School Teachers
“The Artrageous team approach meant that the teacher: student ratio was much lower than that of a normal classroom. This, and the skills/knowledge of the specialists, meant that the kids could have broad, interesting hands-on experiences.” Barry Schon, Principal Johnsonville School

“Artrageous is a fantastic initiative that has encouraged our son’s learning through various art mediums. Its child-lead exploration. Each week we’re treated to an explosion of imagination and ideas.” Katy Macleod

Feedback from schools we have worked with

Opotiki School – Term 2, 2019
Feedback from the teachers and students:
“The activities where interesting and hands on. None of the 5 year olds were idle, they were all busy and engaged. The best was how excited they were having a go at the hot glue guns that normally we are too nervous to leave them to use …but they went for it!!”
“I was out of the class on that day. The children all talked very positively about their time and the activities they did. Isaac was keeno carry on with the glue gun activities and others were keen to join him.”
“Room 2 and Room 1 really enjoyed it. They enjoyed having free choice and freedom to do what they wanted. The result was not important it was the process. The two ladies that ran the programme were really well organised and very friendly. They were really approachable and fun. We also liked how they had many stations set up so everyone was busy at the same time and you could move to whichever station you were interested in. Both Room 1 and 2 enjoyed it and would be happy to do it again.”
“Teachers really appreciated the organisation and the process; approachable and relatable facilitators; no wait time, lots of activities; kids really engaged; facilitators related well to kids; embraced the mess without stress!”

Paekākāriki School – Term 2 2019

Feedback from teachers:
“Artwork was great. Kids enjoyed it. Well organised. Approachable and flexible facilitators”
“Thanks so much for this – we hope to be able to make this a regular event in our calendar”
Feedback from the kids:
“100% enjoyed it, cool, fun, and exciting”
“Lovely to experiment” – Arun
“Different kinds of art we had never done before” – Maia, Wendy
“Could do whatever we wanted at different times” – Lucy
“Science combined with Art. Playdough with the batteries and wires.. lots of different colours, noises”
“Lots of stuff to do – you could do it again and again, always moving round doing different things”
“Creative – do my own ideas”

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