Terms and Conditions

Artrageous Kids Terms and conditions

  1. By booking your child into this session you accept the place and agree to pay for any selected sessions.
  2. Only children whose parents have completed an enrolment form will be accepted. Artrageous Team Leader should be informed of any changes to information on enrolment forms.
  3. All children are to be collected no later than 3.15 for the short session and 5.15 pm for the long session each day. Parents are to advise on the sign in sheet if someone other than the appointed person is collecting children.
  4. Bookings must be made in advance by filling in the online booking form provided.
  5. Artrageous Kids is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items left in the child’s processions.
  6. In the event of an emergency where we are unable to contact either parent or caregiver we will proceed to administer medication and assist the child as deemed appropriate in the circumstances. We will then contact the emergency contact named on the enrolment form.
  7. Parents/caregivers are required to supply children with morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, drinks and sunhat on each day they are attending the programme.
  8. Children must be signed in at the commencement of the day and signed out at collection. Children will not be released to any person not named in the registration form without prior consent.
  1. Booking your child into a session will hold you liable for the fees associated.
  2. Fees will be invoiced at the time of booking and must be paid within the allocated time. Invoices MUST be settled before the child attends the event.
  3. For parents wishing to pay by automatic payment or internet, our account number is available on the invoice generated when booking.
  4. The individual completing this enrolment will be held liable for any outstanding accounts.
  5. Please note that all bookings made are payable, no refunds are made for non attendance, including sickness.
  6. In the unlikely event that the session is cancelled, all confirmed participants will be notified immediately and receive a full refund.
  7. If a participant chooses to cancel some or all of their confirmed registration, or cannot or does not attend the session/s, the following refunds will apply:
  8. The registered participant may invite another person to substitute their place in the session (in which they are registered) at any time at no charge;
  9. If notice of cancellation is received 7 or less days from the scheduled date of the session, no refund will be offered – unless there are people on the waiting list who can take the vacant space in which case there will be a charge of $10 for administration
  10. If notice is received 7 or more days from the scheduled starting date, a 50% refund will be offered – unless there are people on the waiting list who can take up the vacant spots.
  11. If you wish to discuss these policies and expectations, or have any questions, please contact the team at Artrageous kids on: admin@artrageouskids.co.nz
  12. Should your child be sick and unable to attend the programme please contact us via text on 022 319 7098 or via email admin@artrageouskids.co.nz
  1. Parents should report to Team Leaders when collecting children from the programme and sign out their children in the register at the door.
  2. Parents should advise Team Leader of any situations that may disturb children.
  3. While the Artrageous Team employees will take care to provide proper supervision of children at all times, nor the employed and volunteer staff shall have any personal liability in respect to any act of omission arising from any session or activity of the service.
  4. The staff take all care but no responsibility for your child’s personal property. All left behind property is kept for two weeks after the holiday programme concludes and then donated to charity.
  5. Information held on this enrolment is used for the purposes of establishing and maintaining accurate records. This information will not be passed to any other body, and will be accessed only by staff operating the programme.
  1. It is Extremely important to fill out the enrolment form with all medical information and treatment and inform the staff if there is any medical concerns, e.g. Allergies. If your children have an Epipen, please pack the Epipen with them. If the children have allergies or other medical concerns, but fail to turn up with the medicine (or Epipen if necessary), please note that the Team Leader of the day can refuse to take the children.
  2. Team Leaders may arrange any necessary urgent medical treatment at parents cost.


If your child brings along any electronic devices, e.g. phones, Ipad, it is the childs responsibility to look after them. The Artrageous team hold no responsibility for the safety of the device. E.g. They are not responsible for it if it gets stolen or broken. Children are to ask for permission first before using the electronic device.


We encourage your children to wear old clothes. Artrageous kids accept NO responsibility for damage to clothing or personal belongings your child might wear or bring.