“I love art class because I can do sculpturing and circuits and things I can’t do at school”.
Jimmy (age 7)

“Artrageous is a fantastic initiative that has encouraged our son’s learning through various art mediums. Its child-lead exploration means week after week we’re treated to an explosion of imagination and ideas.”
Katy McCleod

“I really value the Artrageous approach – where children are encouraged to pursue an art activity they choose in the way they choose. I felt good that the people around him nourish and enjoy a creative spirit. It’s a fun atmosphere that focuses on possibility rather than control”
Jane Dunbier

“My daughter is passionate about art and she truly loves Artrageous Kids art classes. She gets to free her creative side in an environment that nurtures and inspires her. This has been the one day of the week that she has actually wanted to go to school because there is art class to look forward to! It’s all about exploration and fun, not about using the prescribed crayon colours… and that’s her happy place”.
Sally Courche

“Our kids loved your holiday programme. Lars liked the choice and reckoned there was everything you would want to do. Hazel loved how there were some different activities for the older kids to do that were separate from the younger kids activities. I loved dropping them off knowing that they were having a great time. Otto was so proud of the art he had made. We’ll be back”
Veronica Hall

Hannah said “Can I say something adultish? It’s a great opportunity to learn art and have fun. My imagination can go wild”. Says it all really!!! “For my part though, I think the sheer number of activities/techniques offered is excellent. The kids have a great time. It is a “no guilt” holiday programme because the kids have so much fun and are so well cared for.”
Kate and Hannah Hodgetts

“These classes have had a wonderful impact on my seven year old son Nico and helped him grow confident in many ways. Engaging boys in art is not easy, but with the Artrageous program they are encouraged to roam between different activities and settle at the one that absorbs them. The choice is always wide which amazes me as the art area is set up in a hall then dismantled. Nico comes home so happy and engaged in art. This environment that allows the children express themselves as individuals really does cater so well to Nico and I’m sure most other children. The long and short of it is, it’s fantastic!”
Nico’s words on art class ” I get to make things out of paper with my friends. Caroline is very nice”
Clare Cunningham

If you have any further feedback about our classes or would like to register your child please email us at the following address: admin@artrageouskids.co.nz.